Saturday, August 31, 2013

Waiting for Reef

Today, August 31, 2013 is finally here – Reef Smith’s due date. You (Reef) have a huge loving family waiting for you. It has been a tough week for this Oma because, well frankly, Oma is not a very patient person. Oma cannot wait to meet you! However, staying busy does help the time pass.

Oma did spend the week productively. Here is a snapshot of a typical week in Oma’s busy life:

Monday – Oma and Opa had to go shopping. Not only were the cupboards bare; Oma’s laptop computer died on the trip back from Sonoma. Oma’s laptop was pretty old and well used. Off to Cost-Co we went.

Oma and Opa purchased a HP Envy 17. This laptop offers powerful performance, top-notch audio, long battery life and a full 1080p display in a stylish package. So far Oma is pretty happy with the laptop; however, the learning curve is still a struggle. It took Oma an entire day to set-up the Outlook & Roboform!

Tuesday - Oma had to work really really diligently to get back on track (pun intended) after the wonderful five days with your Uncle Moses and Auntie Sitara AND losing her laptop. Nevertheless, the time spent with family and getting to spend time at the Sonoma Raceway was priceless.  You will soon learn that Oma is a race nut!  Oma even has two race blogs NASCAR Race Mom and Kids of NASCAR.  Oma is optimistic that Reef will share her and Uncle Moses' love of racing.

Oma with Mario Andretti
(a retired Italian American world champion racing driver)
Wednesday – Oma was able to take an afternoon pause and go swimming. However, most of the day was spent preparing the Hasa Newsletter. Oma works for Hasa Pool Products  in the Media/Communications Department. Hasa produces the purest, strongest fastest working liquid chlorine available. Oma hopes to teach Reef how to swim soon!

Thursday – Oma was off to the casino this afternoon. Pala Casino offered Oma a free buffet to help her celebrate her birthday! It was lots of fun. The meal was tasty and the gambling did not relieve Oma of too much cash.

Then Oma joined your Mom, Aunt Heather and Cousin Belle for a pedicure; the perfect way to relax while awaiting your arrival. Pedicures are a safe and healthy way for Mommy to feel beautiful during her pregnancy.

Friday – The end of the month is always busy for Oma. Besides all the end of the month Hasa work, there is plenty of accounting tasks need to be done for your father and his plumbing business. Luckily, Zack Smith Plumbing and Contracting is getting busy again. Oma is wondering . . . . will Reef one day join his father in the family business?

Friday was also homemade pizza night – one of Opa’s favorite meals. Besides cooking, Oma spent most of her day getting caught up on her Hasa work. Reef’s dad stopped by for a slice of cheese pizza and to sign his State Contractor’s License Renewal form. It was nice to spend a day at home.

Saturday (today) – It continues to be hot and muggy. I am sure that your Mom is happy that Reef’s due date is finally here. However, babies are often not on time.

So in the meantime, Oma is doing huge loads of laundry. Unfortunately the housekeeper could not make today and Oma and Opa have no clean clothes to wear.
Hopefully Oma will soon meet you and tell you, in person, about all the interesting things that life has to offer.

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