Saturday, November 9, 2013

Reef Indy's 2-Month Well-Baby Exam - Perfect.

Reef Indy brought his parents (Amanda & Zack) to the pedestrian’s office yesterday. It was time for the two-month well-baby check already.

Mommy's Little Tiger Sports Band-aids after Immunizations.
Mommy's Little Tiger Sports Band-aids after Immunizations.

Well-baby exams are an important way to monitor Baby Reef's growth and development. Regular checkups also provide an opportunity to develop a relationship with your baby's doctor.

The pedestrian will likely recommend the first well-baby exam within three to five days after birth or shortly after you're discharged from the hospital (Check – Done that) — and additional well-baby exams every two to four months for the first year.

Although there were a few tears during shot time, Reef Indy did really well. His pedestrian was also pleased with Reef’s growth progress. He weighs 13 pounds 9 ounces and is 24.25 inches long.

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