Thursday, July 10, 2014

HSI Professional Argan Oil

Discover the Moroccan 'liquid gold'

Discover the Moroccan 'liquid gold', the product your hair needs for constant nourishment and incredible shine! The essential nutrients contained in this magic-in-a-bottle product are meant to give your hair a very healthy look, lots of shine and velvet smoothness. This is a leave-in treatment conditioner which feels really light on your hair, without building up residue or being greasy.

HSI Professional recommends the use of Argan Oil as an extra thermal protection before styling your hair with tools such as the flat iron, the hair dryer or the curling iron. It is suitable for all hair types, and you will just be sorry you have not discovered it before! It tames the frizz, it gives a lovely scent to your hair and it makes it soft and shiny. It really seems like your hair is in for a fabulous treat! 

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What Oma first noticed about this product was the nice fresh scent of the oil. Additionally, after placing a few drops on my hand and apply on my dry hair, Oma found the product easy to distribute to the dry ends. Unlike other ‘Leave-In’ Hair Treatments HSI Professional Argan Oil feels residue free, non-greasy, and ultra-light! 

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