Monday, November 24, 2014

A Day at Lively Skate Park

Reef Indy was able to try out his new bike this morning.  Uncle Moses and Auntie Sitara bought him a Specialized Hotwalk by Pedro.  Specialized is biggest bike name in the balance bike industry. Staying true to their high standards, the Hotwalk is built as tough as their mountain bikes and will last your family for generations. While built tough, the bike only has a two-inch adjustment on the seat post and does not have a brake. To aid in tricks and coasting, the Hotwalk also has an integrated footrest at the base of the seat post.

Kurupt Skate Shop is kind of hard to find because it is inside the FootGear store.  Dad purchased his Texas board.  He also got Uncle Moses a long board.

The gang visited the 2012 Best Skate Park in Dallas - Lively Skate Park.  local skateboarders got a 20,000-square-foot gift: a free, well-lit, professionally designed skate park, one with the very first cradle in Texas. It came courtesy of the city of Irving and SITE Design Group, a company that makes "action sports" parks all over the world. Lively Pointe has since become a center for skateboarders and BMXers of all ages, with all the curbs, verts, hubbas and ledges their grinding, kick-flipping little hearts could possibly desire.

We enjoyed our dinner at Torchy's Taco.  Though it took three tries to get Opa's order correct; the manager Ken was very nice about it and the food was very yummy.

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