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2019 Alaska Vacation Journal (42)

2019 Alaska Vacation Journal (42)

06/22/2019 / No Travel Day – Shopping & Kenai Visitor & Cultural Center

Start Location:
Start Time: N/A
Mileage:  54,282.3
Cost Per Night: $45.26 USD
Weather: 50 - 70 F Sunny

Paul spent the morning inventorying our fishing gear. In the process, he stripped the bolts out of the back door; so, we needed to fix it. Off to Walmart we went.

As much as I hate shopping at Walmart; they had most of what we needed. I finally found a cell phone necklace holder and only $10.00 to boot. Paul bought a three-tiered bathroom corner caddy. That will triple out bathroom counter space!

On the way back to the RV, we stopped at an outdoor market/ craft fair. They had some nice stuff; only too pricey or too big to carry home. We did buy a nice tomato for tonight’s dinner.

We also stopped by the Kenai Visitor & Cultural Center. As we entered, we encountered the nice couple we talked to at the Marathon Campground Dump Station in Seward.

Then we realized that it was after two and we had not eaten since breakfast. The cashier at Walmart had recommended the Caribou Family Restaurant.

The eatery was deserted; just as we like it. Our service was first-rate, and the food was good. I had breaded fish with sweet potato tater tots. Those tots were the best. The atmosphere of the Caribou reminded us of our favorite café back home (Home Sweet Home).

All in all, just a relaxing day while getting all those pesky small chores done.

Wildlife Spotted: Three bald eagles being chased by a colony of seagulls

Bear (Kenai Visitor Center) - Soldotna, Alaska
Bear (Kenai Visitor Center)

Street Market and Crafts - Soldotna, Alaska
Street Market and Crafts

Loved this Alaska Sea Otter Cape - Soldotna, Alaska
Loved this Alaska Sea Otter Cape

Fish and Chips AKA Sweet Potato Tater Tots - Caribou Family Restaurant, Soldotna, Alaska
Fish and Chips AKA Sweet Potato Tater Tots - Caribou Family Restaurant

New Bathroom Corner Shelf - the 'Beast'
New Bathroom Corner Shelf

2019 Alaska Vacation Journal

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