Wednesday, March 1, 2023

Next generation of the Busch family to Debut at LVMS Bullring

Next generation of the Busch family to Debut at LVMS Bullring

Next generation of the Busch family to Debut at LVMS Bullring


The first family of Las Vegas motorsports will add to the family legacy on Saturday, March 4 when Brexton Busch makes his West Coast Bandolero debut in the Bash at the Bullring at Las Vegas Motor Speedway.


Busch, the 7-year old son of two-time NASCAR champion Kyle Busch, has already made an impression in the racing world racking up wins at tracks around the country. He is coming off an impressive 2022 season which saw him win 32 races at 13 different tracks across 11 states in two separate styles of racecars. He also was able to collect his second track championship in as many years, claiming the title in the Beginner Box Stock division at Mountain Creek (N.C.) Speedway.


As part of his progression into various styles of racecars at tracks all over the country, on March 4 he will make his first Bandolero start on the track his father racked up more than 100 wins across several divisions.



“It’s going to be a lot of fun to race at the same track that my Dad, Grandpa Tom and Uncle Kurt have a lot of wins at,” Busch said. ‘”I haven’t raced my Bandolero much, but hopefully I can get the win!”


The Bullring opened in 1985 with Brexton’s grandfather, Tom Busch, winning the first ever race. Brexton’s uncle, former NASCAR champion Kurt Busch, picked up more than 30 wins during the 1990s at the Bullring.


The March 5 event will also include a Legends car feature and racing will start approximately 30 minutes after the conclusion of the Alsco Uniforms 300 NASCAR Xfinity Series race at the LVMS superspeedway. Admission to the grandstands is free and a limited number of shuttles will be available from the superspeedway to the Bullring.



source: Las Vegas Motor Speedway Media

Saturday, February 18, 2023

Multo® By CookingPal

Multo® By CookingPal

Smart Compact Countertop Multi-Functional Stainless Steel Food Processor Guided Recipes | WiFi Built-In | Chop, Knead, Steam And Cook All-In-One Cooker


The NASCAR season is about ready to take off this weekend at Daytona International Speedway. Not sure what you did during the off-season, but Oma (OLU) opted to up her cooking game. Thanks to the good people at Cooking Pal, Oma was able to experience their new Intelligent cooking system --- the Multo®.


About the Multo®

  • ✔ HUNDREDS OF SMART RECIPES INCLUDED: Included with your Multo® is an ever-expanding recipe library, UPDATED WEEKLY FOR FREE with recipes crafted by professional chefs. 9 Recipe categories from Mains to Drinks, Breakfast to Dessert. Recipes are from multiple cuisines (e.g. Western, Asian, Mexican, etc.) and for multiple diets including Vegan, Vegetarian, Paleo, Keto, Alkaline & more.
  • ✔ PERFECT FOR BEGINNER TO EXPERT CHEFS: Beginner chefs can enjoy learning how to cook recipes of simple and elaborate meals by following Multo®’s smart recipes. Experienced chefs can use Multo® for a variety of functions to be a trusty companion in their kitchen, cooking a part of their fanciest meals. You will definitely find a use for Multo®, wherever you are in your cooking journey!
  • ✔ REPLACE MULTIPLE APPLIANCES: 15+ appliances in one. Replace your pressure cooker, blender, slow cooker, food processor, scale, steamer, kneading machine, mixer, thermomix, rice cooker, yogurt maker - all in one pot. Use fewer pots and pans while cooking and declutter your countertop space.
  • ✔ 15+ FUNCTIONS & EASY TO CLEAN: Multo® can chop, sauté, steam, slow cook, whisk, weigh/scale, knead, grind, grate, sous-vide, keep warm, mix, boil, emulsify & more. It also comes with 2 cleaning modes and is dishwasher-safe, making it fast & easy to clean. The more familiar you are with Multo®, the more you’ll come to realize you can use Multo® at every step of your cooking process!
  • ✔ REMOTE CONTROL COOKING: Wi-Fi and Bluetooth 4.2 capabilities allow you to step away from the kitchen while Multo® is cooking. Check the status of each step with the included Smart Kitchen Hub tablet or mobile phone app.

What Comes in the Multo® Box


Oma strives to give her family fresh “clean” food. Homemade butter is a source of fats that are healthier than commercially available butters. The latter contain trans-fats, which may result in weight gain and may harm your health in other ways as well.


However, making our own butter has always been a chore in the past. It proved to be very messy (using my KitchenAid) and time consuming (Hand Churning). Therefore, Oma was eager to give Multo® an opportunity to impress me.


Spoiler Alert – the Multo® went above and beyond.



The butter recipe is included in the Multo® ever-expanding recipe library. You just follow the detailed instruction via your Smart Kitchen Hub tablet. (Insert butterfly whisk. Add cream to the mixing bowl and whisk for 5 minutes / speed 4.)



The wholesome butter is halfway there. (Drain the buttermilk from the butter. Scrape down the sides and add the cold water. Wash the butter for 1 minute / speed 3. This will help to get a smoother butter. Drain the butter of the excess water then add the salt if you wish. (I leave the salt out) Mix for 1 minute / speed 3.)



Your butter is ready. WoW – how easy was that!?!



Remove from mixing bowl pass through a cheesecloth and shape as desired.




Oma Tip: Separate the butter in half. Remove your butter a couple of hours before use to soften; making spreading easier. The other half can stay in the refrigerator to retain freshness longer.


With my busy schedule and love of yummy healthy nourishment – I love how the Cooking Pal Multo® performs!


What is next? Oma is going to make it her mission to attend at least one Cooking Pal Interactive Cooking Classes weekly.  Oma is eager to tackle more complicated cuisine.



source: Cooking Pal
(Cooking Pal Sent a Multo at no cost to review,
but that did not influence post)