Thursday, April 24, 2014

Scam from "David Jones"

Oma just received a call from "David Jones;" kind of a weird name for someone with such a heavy Indian Accent. 

He stated he was from Windows and that they had received error messages from my Windows computer. I told him I had fourteen Windows computers that I was using (a white lie) and inquired which computer was sending the messages. 

His response was that it did not matter - just pick a computer and he would help me fix my issues. 

Can you say scam?!? Caller Id showed his number as 888-888-8888.   "David Jones" gave his call back number as 888-732-3037. 

Be careful my friends - googled these numbers and they have been reported as costing people $200 to get control of their data back. 

Examples found on internet*

 I too received a call from "Microsoft Windows Technical Support." The caller fit the same profile as the other calls allegedly from this 800 number. The caller claimed my computer was hacked. Since I had dealt with a company with the same call back number in the past, I trusted the caller to take over my machine and demonstrate the problem. He showed me the hacker's IP address--which turned out to be the looping IPA that appears on every Windows computer. Then he showed me a Trojan spyware--which turned out to be the ubiquitous CSRSS graphics module that Microsoft installs on every Windows computer. I did uninstall the team viewer after the call and searched my system for problems. I found a very bad Trojan, CVE 2013 3598, which likely was not on my machine before this call. Beware folks, these people may be up to more mischief than just running a scam. Anthony 10 Mar 2014 

Received a call with ID 888-888-8888 just now. Same experience as described above, with the guy telling me he was from Windows support and my computer had errors. Very heavy accent and said his call back was 888-732-3037 Ethan Hunt, x1010. Told me he needed to access my computer to fix and I said I'd call him back. I told him to take me off his list and he said if he did that he'd revoke my Windows license permanently! Do NOT allow access or even answer calls with blocked ID's like this. Total scam and maybe worse. G 14 Mar 2014 


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