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Blackhead Blemish Tool Kit Remover for Acne #clearskin

Stainless Steel Acne Extractor Tool Kit
Set of Five Professional Surgical Extractor Instruments 


Blackhead  Blemish Tool Kit Remover for Acne #clearskin

A blackhead is a plug on the skin pore which consists of your skin’s natural lubricant that is mix of skin oil, dirt, dust and pollution stuck in your pores. This is a pretty complete little kit for the removal of blackheads. Each of the five tools (pushers and pimple extractors) is double ended, offering plenty of options for you to use in difficult spots and for various sizes of skin imperfections.

They are specially designed to give you the flexibility to reach the difficult corners of the body and ensure you can extract the pesky blackheads more evenly around the facial area. They are also of high-quality and made of good quality stainless steel.

The tool’s textured handle is perfect for a firm grip and makes using them both fast and convenient. This set comes with a zippered case featuring a slot for each tool.

How to use blackhead extractor tools:

  • Start off with hygiene therapy; wash your hands with some soap and water.
  • Next, disinfect the tool by allowing it to submerge in some disinfectant.
  • Also disinfect the skin to ensure you don’t contract any bacterial infection.
  • Start off by washing your face with warm water or a washcloth soaked in warm water.
  • The procedure needs to be carried on for 10 minutes; this would help the skin pores to be open to the fullest.
  • Now use the Blackhead extractor tool by placing the loop over a blackhead or whitehead.
  • Press to gently above the blackhead, this would ensure that the accumulation gets completely drained.
  • You could even consider pushing the tool down on a blackhead to make sure the follicle contents are extracted.
  • Disinfect you face and the tool after the procedure is complete. This would ensure you don’t catch the infection on usage of the tool again.
  • It is advisable to place the roll in a manner that it rolls across the entire blemish.
  • Finish the treatment by rinsing your face with cool water and washing your hands with some soap and water.
  • Finally, when the procedure is complete, apply some pore care essence or acne care product; this would look after the affected area.

Tip: A blackhead is mainly caused by the lack of the required hydration in your body.

Product Description

Blackheads always seem to pop-up at the wrong time... You're starting to plan for that hot date you've got this weekend and you spot that pesky blackhead or pimple starting to make an appearance. You know you can't just book a quick appointment for an esthetician, so you're stuck, right?

Not quite... If you have your own blackhead tool kit, you can take care of that little problem yourself and be back to silky smooth skin in no time. With the help of our free how-to guide, you'll be able to learn exactly how to use the professional tools included in this kit to take care of your blackheads and pimples.

After using this kit, you'll find the smooth skin returning and the blackheads fading away so that you can go out with confidence and not have to worry about damage caused by trying to press or pop pimples with your fingers. It's just not possible to have the control of the instruments from this kit with your fingers, and more often than not, you'll just cause more damage than if you just left it to disappear on its own or removed it with one of our tools.
  • - Blackhead  Blemish Tool Kit Remover for Acne #clearskinINCLUDES FIVE STAINLESS STEEL PUSHERS AND PIMPLE EXTRACTORS - Pimples come in all sorts of different sizes. That's why we've included all of the acne utensils you need to tackle the toughest pimples and get back to having silky smooth skin.
  • -INCLUDES A FREE HOW-TO GUIDE - Most of the other kits you'll find just ship you the tools and let you loose without any knowledge of how to properly use them. This could lead to scarring and skin damage, so we always recommend learning proper techniques for blackhead removal before using an acne extraction tool
  • -EASY TO USE - Our acne removal tools are designed with professional quality in mind and are optimally balanced for self-removal of hard to reach blackheads.
  • -TOP QUALITY STAINLESS STEEL - You won't have to worry about breaking one of the instruments from this blackhead extractor kit. They are made with medical grade stainless steel and built to last a lifetime.
  • -LIFETIME GUARANTEE - We offer a rock-solid lifetime guarantee. If anything goes wrong with your blackhead removal tool kit, just let us know and we will give you a refund, no questions asked.

Blackhead  Blemish Tool Kit Remover for Acne #clearskin

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