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Poki Poki New for North County! #‎pokipokioceanside‬

Sushi · Hawaiian · Asian Fusion restaurant
by Stacey Kuhns


Finally! North County San Diego is getting a sushi bowl eatery, Poki Poki. They are in their soft opening now and they have their main opening this Saturday, May28, just in time for the Memorial Day weekend. They are located in the shopping center at 3480 Marron Road, Oceanside (right off College) and are open from 11 a.m. to 9 p.m. - seven days a week.

Poki Poki - by Stacey Kuhns

Poki Poki - by Stacey Kuhns

Poki Poki - by Stacey Kuhns

The restaurant has both indoor and outdoor seating, or you can get your food to go. The inside is clean and the food is fresh. The service is great. Employees greet you when you walk in the door and are happy to explain how things work.

Build Your Own Hawaiian Poke Bowl!

Basically, you have a choice of a large or small bowl. You get your choice of three different kinds of sushi on the small bowl and four on the large bowl. There are at least six kinds to choose from. You also get to pick your base, either white rice, brown rice, salad, or a combination of those.

The spicy tuna is amazing. It looks strange but really is delicious (it looks like finely ground fish or meat). They have ahi, salmon and yellowtail, cut into chunks, and also sushi options of shrimp or octopus.

There is a variety of toppings, including onions, ginger, seaweed salad, crab (which is out of this world and is no extra charge), avocado (extra charge), fish eggs, and other toppings.

Poki Poki offers a choice of sauces from mild to spicy and also have a spicy mayo. You can have them put the wasabi and soy sauce and other sauces on or you can do it yourself with the small cups of condiments provided by the cash register. They also have chopsticks or plastic forks.

Poki Poki - by Stacey Kuhns

Poki Poki - by Stacey Kuhns

Poki Poki - by Stacey Kuhns

Poki Poki - by Stacey Kuhns

The prices are very reasonable for what you get. It is a lot of food for sure. And the best part, it is healthy along with tasting wonderful. I plan to eat here at least twice a week after work (since it is in the center I work in).

The establishment offers a 10% military discount. I stopped after work today and took lunch home. Sunday, my boyfriend and I ate dinner there. He loved it and so did I. He had a bowl loaded with the toppings and mine was a little less on the toppings.

(The picture below is my bowl from lunch today. The employee gave me a double scoop of crab. Yum!) The green onions and sesame seeds also add a nice touch.

Poki Poki - by Stacey Kuhns

A loaded bowl (this picture is from their website as there was no one else getting a loaded bowl today when I was there).

The only thing I did not care for was the drink selection. They offer small bottles of water for sale. When you are eating spicy food, one small bottle of water is not going to cut it. They also have canned sodas. I wish they had refillable fountain drinks with more of a selection. Otherwise, two thumbs up. 

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