Thursday, November 24, 2016

OfficeGYM Coccyx Cushion #officegymcushion

OfficeGYM Coccyx Cushion #officegymcushion Believe it or not, Oma works in front of her computer for approximately twelve hours a day! Therefore, anything that makes me feel more comfortable sitting is golden. This 100% High Responsive Memory Foam seat cushion has a special cut out for your tailbone area. It will help prevent soreness and pain on your coccyx (very bottom portion of the spine) and lower back area which can be caused by sitting for prolonged time. 

OfficeGYM Coccyx Cushion #officegymcushion

The blue velvety cover is very soft to the touch. Also, you can remove it and wash it if needed. The cushion is 18 x 14 x 3 inches.

Tip This cushion would make for a great Christmas Gift – no sizes to worry about . . . one size fits all! Also there are so many places you can use the OfficeGym Coccyx Cushion: at home, the office, in your car, on an airplane . . .

Product Description


At OfficeGYM we believe that when you are sitting for prolonged time, especially if you are working, you should be comfortable, feel good and stay healthy.

Tailbone or lower back pain can be reduced by relieving pressure on the spine and by sitting with a more appropriate posture. Also a more comfortable seat can help reduce sciatica pain and other posture related issues.

The OfficeGYM Orthopedic Seat cushion's special design with its coccyx cut out and 100% Memory Foam construction help with these conditions and make you feel better again, as if you were floating on that seat.

Place the cushion on top of your office chair seat, car seat or even an airplane seat while traveling, orient the U shape cut out toward the back rest of the chair so that it will end up under your tailbone. Now seat on it and you will immediately feel the pressure in the tailbone area relieved and getting up after long time sitting will be much easier than it has ever felt. You will be able to sit longer and with less pain and discomfort.

  • BEST QUALITY. WHAT YOU DESERVE. WE GUARANTEE OUR PRODUCTS 100% OR YOUR MONEY BACK. At OfficeGYM we are committed to make products that helps our customer feel better at work and at home when they are forced to stay sitting for many hours every day. We believe that our customers should enjoy life and not get affected by pains and issues resulting from adverse working conditions.
    OfficeGYM Coccyx Cushion #officegymcushion
  • DON'T SIT IN PAIN AND DISCOMFORT! With this seat cushion you will sit more comfortably and your tailbone will be pressure-free thanks to the hisgh responsive memory foam construction and special coccyx cut out design. It will also help relive sciatica and back pain when forced to sit for many hours on a chair. YOU WILL LOVE YOUR OFFICE CHAIR AGAIN.
  • START ENJOYING YOUR DAILY COMMUTES. Take the OfficeGYM Coccyx Cushion with you when you travel or commute in your car. The seat cushion will make your car seat and your commute to and from work feel much more comfortable and enjoyable. Carry it with you where and when you need it thanks to the sewn on fabric handle.
  • IMPROVE YOUR POSTURE while sitting at a table or desk with the OfficeGYM seat cushion. The cushion's orthopedic and ergonomic design actually helps you to keep a more appropriate posture that over time helps reduce back pain and BE MORE PRODUCTIVE.
  • GET READY. TO BECOME. A RAVING FAN! At OfficeGYM we strive for 100% customer satisfaction and we are sure that you will enjoy our orthopedic seat cushion so much that you will rave about it with all your friends. Be sure to let us know how much you love it and how it changed your life or return it for a 100% refund within 30 days!

To utilize innovation, manufacturing excellence and unique design to create products of outstanding quality and performance that will augment our customers’ productivity, health, wellness and lifestyle for years to come.

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 Oma loves that this company is based right here in her area. If you work in Southern California, you can have the Office Team to come to your office and provide an hour long posture workshop. Contact for more details. 

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