Tuesday, March 4, 2014

5:2 Diet And Training
February 2014 - Month 2

As promised, this is Oma’s monthly progress report regarding her advancement on the 5:2 diet. This month was not as successful as January.

Oma lost two (2) pounds
in the month of February 2014!

However, after checking back through the food journal – that two pound weight loss was truly a victory. First off – Oma was sick with a cold for two weeks. That made dieting and exercising almost impossible for half the month. Then after right after that, Oma and Opa spent four-fun-filled days in Laughlin, Nevada.

Clete, Barb, Opa and Oma in Laughlin, Nevada
Clete, Barb, Opa and Oma in Laughlin, Nevada

Habitually these typical ‘healthy life’ road blocks would have produced a weight gain. Therefore, Oma’s two-pound loss will be celebrated.

Oma started February by switching the 5:2 diet to the 4:3 version. However, due to the illness this test was not justly vetted. Therefore the 4:3 version of this intermittent fasting diet will be tested again in the future.

For March, the goals are to successfully maintain the 5:2 diet plan and return to a regular exercise program of a minimum of thirty minutes per day for at least four days. (Yes, Oma has been lagging in the exercise portion of this program )

See you next month with another '5:2 Diet with Training' update.

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