Saturday, August 9, 2014

Cameron Hughes Lot 409
2012 Central Coast Pinot Noir
Great Price Great Taste

Oma was looking for some good but inexpensive wine for Oma and Opa’s Fortieth Wedding Anniversary. After all buying booze for sixty guests can get pretty pricey. 

So where to go . . . . . . honestly, Oma scoured through all the weekly advertised specials and kept an excel spreadsheet filled with bargains.

In the end, all alcoholic purchases were made at Cost-Co; they had the best price on everything.

Oma discovered a very tasty Cameron Hughes Lot 409 2012 Central Coast Pinot Noir.

Lot 409 is sourced from a variety of great vineyards along the Central Coast. This wine shows bright cherry and violets on the nose complemented by spice and plum. Soft tannins make for a long finish.

Like Oma said it was very yummy – and Oma received many compliments regarding this wine from her partygoers.

Best part – Cost-Co price was $8.99 a bottle!
What a delicious treasure. 


This is an independent non-sponsored review – that means Oma did not receive any compensation nor product.

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