Monday, August 11, 2014

Under 15 Minutes Quick and Easy Vegetarian Meals Review

Oma am not a vegetarian. However, I am married to a man who does not eat meat. He is really not a vegetarian, because he doesn’t really like vegetables either! Therefore Oma is always on the hunt for new and EASY recipes to try.

Under 15 Minutes Quick and Easy Vegetarian Meals lived up to its title - the recipes were very quick and easy!  Oma really enjoyed the kid section and can not wait until Reef Indy is old enough to join in the cooking adventures.

This is the second vegetarian cookbook by Bestselling Author - Jonathan Vine.

Jonathan Vine was caught up in the vegetarian lifestyle a few years back.

I have to say that giving up on meat did not struck me in a single moment, nor it was a swift decision, but an inner journey that evolved within a few months. Eventually I took a final decision that the suffering of animals is my grief and my motivation. I was always enthusiastic about cooking. For me this is absolutely one of the greatest joys life can offer. With my vegetarian cooking style, I never feel deprived of what I eat, but rather satisfied and exhilarated with each bite. My goal is to publish books that will empower readers to improve their health and well-being through simple everyday ingredients and low fat recipes that make eating affordable, realistic and delicious.

In "Quick & Easy Vegetarian Recipes" you will discover:

  • The various vegetarian groups' classification and why people choose to become vegetarian.
  • The benefits of being vegetarian and the concerns you need to deal with.
  • Tips and guidance for becoming a vegetarian. So many people have done it already, you can do it too!
  • How to get organized and actually find time to cook for yourself and your family.
  • Quick & easy vegetarian recipes for busy mums, romantic meals, recipes that even kids can make and recipes for parties.

100 Simple Natural Foods Recipes:

  • Easy and Quick Recipes for Busy Mums
  • Quick and Easy Recipes for Romantic Meals
  • Quick and Easy Recipes That Even Kids Can Make
  • Easy and Quick Recipes for Parties

Oma found this book is insightful and straightforward.  It is filled with tips and advice in regards to vegetarianism in a busy life.  The recipes Oma tried are very easy to make and very yummy - can't wait to try them all.

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