Thursday, February 11, 2016

No Real Treasure on This Island
Treasure Island Hotel, Las Vegas

I never get to see my boys and their family together other than during that fantastically busy Christmas Day every year. Therefore we decided to plan a “family vacation” in Las Vegas to celebrate all the kids’ birthday in one big bash.

First off, as an Oma, I googled “Kid Friendly” Hotels in Las Vegas. We would be traveling with two boys under three. Treasure Island (TI) ranked high on the search. That was one of the main reasons the Treasure Island Hotel was selected. 

Unfortunately, TI is totally opposite. There is absolutely nothing to do for young children!!! My two and a half year old grandson and his baby brother were definitely not welcome here. One employee even told me that I could not wait outside of their CVS store and would have to go inside or back to my room with the boys!

Secondly, check-in was a nightmare. It took over an hour just to get our room keys. They found part of our reservation, but not the last night. Their computer crashed and had to be rebooted. The manager who rebooted just walked away and did not really help.  Further, while they were able to place us on the same floor, we were in three different wings.

I do not exaggerate when I state that the long reservation line cleared out three times and we were waiting. We were the very last persons trying to check-in; and only then did someone come to help hasten the process.

However after the long ordeal, I was promised that everything was set-up as requested. Opa and I were paying for the room and resort fees (33.60 a night per room); our boys were responsible for all other room charges. Warning: Resort fees are required, and are in addition to the room rates. You really do not receive much value for that $33.60 other than “free internet.”

You guessed it. As I checked our ‘quick check-out’ on the room television, all sort of charges appeared. I spent another half hour downstairs at the check-out desk getting it straightened out. Jeff the manager was very nice and very helpful; however that desk is the last place I wanted to be. There were numerous of problems with the three bills including my oldest son’s room being charged for five resort fees instead of the required three. Additionally, it appears that all of our younger son’s charges were taken from our credit card!!!

While it took less than a half an hour for all these charges to be taken from and paid by my Visa; I just checked and the promised refunds are still not there (a day later). So I will have to wait a few more days before realizing whether or not this issue has been resolved!!! We were also dismayed by the rudeness of the bell staff who delivered our bags; therefore Opa and I dragged our luggage downstairs ourselves when we left.

Now for the hotel itself. Treasure Island is not a bad hotel. The rooms were pretty expensive, but we made the bad choice of going on Super Bowl weekend. The beds were very comfortable. However, it was a bit difficult to get a good night’s sleep due to the noise of the train track nearby. (However, the train was the most entertaining thing the hotel had for my grandson, who love watching it out the window.) The Views of the Las Vegas mountain horizon was spectacular. The functionality of the bathroom and the small refrigerator were also appreciated.

The gambling area is relatively smoke-free and there is ample parking. They have two rows of Black Jack Tables and other table games. The slots area was smaller than expected but nice. However, I did not notice anyone winning any jackpots – the machines proved pretty tight. Their casino drink service was average.

In summary, I would have to give Treasure Island a low three out of five stars. Their accommodations were clean yet average in décor. The proximity to the train was vociferously bothersome at night. Their customer service was lacking and TI’s downfall. Lastly, for a hotel that claims to be a resort – activities were non-existent.


View from our window-Treasure Island Hotel, Las Vegas

There was nothing much for our toddler to do, but he did enjoy the elevator.

The "on property" Starbucks is always open.  Reef is patiently awaiting his chocolate milk.

The beds were pretty comfortable and as you can see big enough for my three guys.

I did manage one $60.00 Jackpot

The Coffee Shop / Pho Restaurant had great service.  Breakfast was okay but the Pho was delicious. 

Note: I have written a several hotel reviews lately and none of them have been very favorable. I do not know if I am being too tough on the hotel industry; however, I do believe that customer service should be utmost.

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