Thursday, July 28, 2016

It’s Election Time, And I’m Confused

Below is an amazing simple to understand explanation of what is occurring in my beloved America.  It was written by my Auntie, Marlene K. Smith. She proudly served as the Cumberland Town Council president in the 1980s.

It’s election time, and I’m confused. Many of us remember I Love Lucy’s “Vitameatavegamin” salesgirl. I think I’m a “conserva-popu-liber-xeno-nation-global” girl.

I believe in capitalism and I believe in welfare but I don’t believe families should be on welfare for generations or women have multiple pregnancies at taxpayers’ expense. I’m a fairly regular churchgoer, but under certain strict circumstances, I believe a woman should have the right to decide to terminate a pregnancy.

I believe in gay marriage. Whether by birth or by choice, persons’ sexual behavior or choices are between a loving Creator and themselves….period.

I believe in fiscal responsibility. I am frightened by the enormous deficit this country continues to ignore and blame on wars supported by both parties. Neither party seems to have done much to stop the deficit clock from ticking.

I believe in legal immigration. I believe illegal immigration should be treated for what it is: a deliberate attempt to “cut the line.” Call it whatever you wish, blame whomever you wish and rationalize it however you may, it remains wrong.

I love my country, but realize we have made many errors particularly in our treatment of Native Americans and Asian and African Americans. But I know that other countries, with the exception of Alexander the Great, seldom did any better in their treatment of minorities.

I fear radical Islam which is inconsistent with the ideas of a modern democracy, but so is extremism in Christian or Judeo religions. Extremist religious views do not represent a majority of believers nor the highest ideals of any religion.

I have no faith in the elite and powerful of either major political party.

I refrain from discussing politics to avoid ridicule or confrontation. I liked Dr. Ben Carson, a black man, whom I found thoughtful and sincere. I liked Sen. Marco Rubio, an Hispanic man, because of his strong stand on national security.

I proudly support our law enforcement and military personnel. I have cringed at the outright hostility from many present leaders towards them, especially the President who seems now, after tacitly encouraging lack of respect towards both, has finally decided to attempt to become more even-handed. Too little too late, Mr. President.

I support unions and was a member of a teachers’ union, but not always happy with its leadership, nor were they with me.

I believe women should be able to drive, vote, marry, divorce, study and carry guns. But Nancy Pelosi, Elizabeth Warren, Susan Rice, or Debbie Schultz do nothing to stir my feminine pride. Why? Because I believe in reading bills before they are passed, I would never help a leader “save face” by lying, and even though I am Arab-American, I support Israel as an important ally.

I have no faith in Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama’s vision for our country. So I will vote for Mr. Trump despite his many flaws.

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