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2019 Alaska Vacation Journal (82)

2019 Alaska Vacation Journal (82)

08/01/2019 Travel Day – Fort Macleod, Alberta

Start Location:
Start Time: 6:52 a.m.
Mileage:  56,389.7

End Location:
End Time: 1:56 p.m.
Mileage: 56,765.1
Cost Per Night: $48.30 CAD
Weather: 53 - 87 Sunny

  • 43x East 
  • Highway 16 E (Edmonton) 
  • 757 South 
  • 16 East 
  • 31 South 
  • 39 East 
  • 20 South 
  • 11 West 
  • 781 South 
  • 54 East
  •  2 South 

We have a long day on the road – 373 miles; so we left early. We were also very eager to leave the mosquitos behind. I do not know how the other campers do it. The kids were outside playing well into the evening.

One unwanted by product of an early start is the fog. We could barely see in front of our faces. Luckily the road was pave and relatively straight.

The fog lifted around 8:15 a.m. We took some back roads which led us through some beautiful farm country with lots of stock animals to see. We also passed huge fields of yellow flowers, which are actually fields of Canola – Stunning.

I really earned my money as navigator today. There were so many highway changes. Plus I took on the duties of mosquito killer – not sure how they all get inside the RV!

We drove through the very congested Calgary. Calgary’s nickname is ‘Cowtown’ because it is one of Canada's largest beef-cattle producers.

The Daisy May RV Park looks much much better on the web than in person. However, it was okay for an overnight stop. There were some shade trees, we were just not in those spots. Its big plus was there appeared to be no mosquitos!!!

I got bit twice by mosquitos on our drive today. We were killing a bunch of them while we were driving. I thought they might be getting in through the bathroom. Paul dapped some holes in the fan – hopefully that will stop them from getting in.

Wildlife Spotted: pond ducks;
Not So Wild Animals: alpacas; horses; cattle

Our Journey Started Very Foggy This Morning
Our Journey Started Very Foggy This Morning

There were Beautiful Canola Fields in Bloom Everywhere
There were Beautiful Canola Fields in Bloom Everywhere

Passing Through Calgary (Cow Town)
Passing Through Calgary (Cow Town)

Whitecourt to Fort Macleod - Alberta, Canada
Whitecourt to Fort Macleod - Alberta, Canada

2019 Alaska Vacation Journal

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