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2019 Alaska Vacation Journal (81)

2019 Alaska Vacation Journal (81)

07/31/2019 Travel Day – White Court, AB

Start Location:
  • Rotary RV Park
  • 13016 Lakeshore Dr, Charlie Lake, BC V0C 1H0, Canada
  • 250.785.1700
Start Time: 7:35 a.m.
Mileage:  55,850

End Location:
End Time: 2:48 p.m. (Lost an Hour)
Mileage: 56,389
Cost Per Night: $36.70 CAD
Weather: 50-65 F Heavy Intermittent Rain Showers
  • 97 South
  • 2 South
  • 43 East
  • 43x East
Breaking down camp went quickly and easily. We have a long drive to White Court. The switch from 97 South to 2 South was rather tricky. You had to drive through the small towns of Dawson Creek and Pounce Coupe. I used both GPS devices and it went off without a hitch.

As our routine, we stopped at a rest stop for lunch. I had a salmon salad sandwich – yummy much better than any restaurant.

We arrived at the RV Park just in the niche of time. Right after we got everything hooked up, we were hit with a thunderous shower storm which included hail! We fixed our tacos since I did not feel like making them yesterday.

Wow, the mosquitoes here were plentiful. Poor Paul spent a restless night protecting me from the critters.

Wildlife Spotted: Beautiful Magpies; Ducks; Domesticated: horses, cows and a herd of caribou (by museum)

Sweet Office Building - Sagitawah RV Park & Campground
Sweet Office Building

Our Overnight in Spot 11 - Sagitawah RV Park & Campground
Our Overnight in Spot 11

Fort St. John to Whitecourt, AB
Fort St. John to Whitecourt, AB

2019 Alaska Vacation Journal

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