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Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Reef Indy Sports His Banz Sunglasses

Lots of sunshine in Southern California. Remember to protect your newborn’s eyes from the harmful effects of the sun.

Reef Indy is getting use to wearing his Baby Banz Sunglasses
Reef Indy is getting use to wearing his Baby Banz Sunglasses

Baby Banz’ Mission: In an ever deteriorating UV climate, Baby Banz is steadfast in its ongoing effort to preserve the sensitive eyes and precious skin of little ones everywhere. Baby Banz is committed to developing children's UV protective sunglasses, hats, accessories and swimwear that not only protect them from the sun's harmful UV rays, but are also comfortable, fun to wear and strong enough to last.

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Sunday, October 20, 2013

Should Baby Reef Indy Wear Sunglasses?

Should Baby Reef Indy Wear Sunglasses?

While enjoying Fun Family Friday, I noticed that baby Reef Indy was closing his eyes while outside with his Opa. Reef just loves being walked outdoors, but he always squints or closes his eyes. It is very sunny in Southern California, so Oma started wondering if it was ever too early to introduce Reef to sunshine.

Oma learned that it is a good idea, because exposure to ultraviolet rays may raise his risk for cataracts and other eye problems later in life. However, it is advised that if the baby resists, you shouldn’t push it. A visor or a hat could also be utilized to keep the sun out of his eyes and might be a more workable choice than shades for babies, toddlers, and even some older kids.

Not just any sunglasses will do, though. Putting low-quality sunglasses on your child is worse than his wearing no glasses at all. That's because poor-quality sunglasses can cause your child's pupils to dilate – therefore letting more UVA and UVB rays in – without offering protection.

When choosing sunglasses, buy a pair with a label saying it blocks 99 to 100 percent of both UVA and UVB rays. Labels that say the glasses meet ANSI (American National Standards Institute) requirements or block UV absorption up to 400 nm (nanometers) mean you're getting this protection, too. You can trust the labeling in reliable stores, but not necessarily with a vendor on the street.

Oma learned that baby sunglasses come in various styles and are designed with the baby’s specific needs in mind. Unlike adult sunglasses that come as one size fits all, baby sunglasses come in various sizes to ensure a good fit for every baby's face.

Oma rummaged the internet. Baby Banz Sunglasses - Age 0-2 boosted rave reviews. 

Should Baby Reef Indy Wear Sunglasses?
Reef Indy's New Baby Banz

They have:
  • Plastic frame 
  • Plastic lens 
  • non-polarized 
  • Lens width: 60 millimeters 
  • Silicone Nose and Brow Piece is embedded into the glasses for added comfort 
  • Material: 82% Polyamide 18% Spandex 
  • Neoprene elastic strap matches chosen color of sunglasses and allows for flexibility, breath-ability, and comfort 

They were super cute too. Oma bought a pair for Baby Reef Indy. I will let you know how he likes them.