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Monday, May 26, 2014

Shopping for the Mother of the Groom Dress

Mom discovered a gas leak this morning.  So after turning off  the gas line, Mom and Oma decided to use the dilemma as a reason to get Wedding Shopping completed.  After dragging poor Reef Indy all through the mall; Mom, Oma and Reef ended up at the David's Bridal Store in Murrietta.

Reef Indy enjoyed his shopping adventure with Oma and Mom
On this, our second visit to David's Bridal Shop, the service was much improved!  Oma and Mom quickly agreed on a dress for the wedding.

Now all Oma has left to do  is plan the Rehearse Dinner and then enjoy the wedding.

Saturday, January 18, 2014

The Bride Has Her Dress

The ladies of the Wedding Party went to David's Bridal in Murrieta. Surrounded by lots of fun and laughter, the Bridal Gown and Bride's Maid dresses were selected! Can't show you now . . . . but promise to post after the wedding!