Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Is there a perfect age to become an Oma?

Today is Oma’s birthday; fifty-nine years on this terrain. This special personal day set me to philosophize – soon baby Reef will be born. Is there a perfect age to take on the responsibility for grandparenting a child?

The bible informs us that “Grandchildren are the crown of the aged.” (Proverbs 17:6)  Grandparenting is an opportunity to play, to love someone new, to appreciate the magic of a developing mind, and to be needed by someone again.

Oma and Opa can:

  • Share the things they're passionate about with a new audience.
  • See the world in a new way through younger eyes.
  • Experience games, music, nature, reading, and other interests in conjunction with a curious young mind.
  • Provide expanded support and encouragement to their grandchildren.
  • Use their breadth of experience to avoid the pitfalls they may have encountered as parents the first time around.
  • Watch children develop through all stages of growth.
  • Learn about their grand kids' music and passions.
  • Provide input that parents cannot.
Becoming a grandparent at a too young age can make you feel prematurely old. Also, if the new Oma or Opa are still busy and/or in the middle of their career; they might not be able to spend quality time with their new prodigy.

Considering these facts and to answer my own question; now is the perfect time for me to become an Oma. The perfect time to have your grandchildren (although we have no say in their arrival) is when you have the time to enjoy them.

I work from home and have a very busy but flexible schedule. I am thinking that Reef will be the first sparkling jewel in this Oma’s “Crown Of The Aged.” 

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