Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Such A Dilemma

Sonoma – 08/25/2012 — with Paul Smith, ZMom Smith,
Jake Koens, Sitara Wilson, Moses Smith and Devin Maxon.

Oma is getting ready for an exciting trip to the Sonoma Raceway to spend time with your Uncle Moses and Auntie Sitara. Uncle Moses is your Daddy’s big brother. Oma can’t wait to see Moses. However, at your mom’s doctor’s appointment, the doctor says that baby Reef could be born very soon. Oma really does not want to miss your arrival; such a dilemma.

Oma is not an expert; so google was consulted. It appears that cervical dilation is not a good indication of when exactly a mommy will have her baby.

A mommy can be 36, 37, or 38 weeks pregnant, 2 centimeters dilated and not have her baby for several weeks. On the other hand, the mommy can be 2 centimeters dilated and be in very early labor or pre-labor having a couple contractions an hour and maybe have a baby within the next couple days. The mommy can also be 2 centimeters dilated and be having very long, hard contractions that are close together. In this last scenario, that mommy will have her baby very soon. You can actually be in late labor or in transition, but your cervix hasn’t caught up yet and is showing early labor.

In other word – Baby Reef’s arrival remains a mystery. Research tells Oma that it’s not uncommon for a mommy to be up to 2 centimeters dilated several weeks before giving birth!

Oma is going to enjoy her trip to the Formula Car Challenge West presented by Goodyear Race 11 & Race 12 at Infineon Raceway. Uncle Moses’ Series (Formula Mazda) is a Special Support Race for the Indy Gran Prix of Sonoma!

Be an understanding baby and wait for your Oma and Opa to return home!

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