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Saturday, October 14, 2017

Bob Dylan in Funner, California

Bob Dylan in Funner, California

Harrah's Resort SoCal, The Events Center

• Address: 3708 Las Vegas Boulevard South
• Capacity: 2200
• Date: October 13, 2017
• Showtime: 9:00 PM


Bob Dylan in Funner, California

Paul, Uncle Dave and I were excited to attend the Bob Dylan Concert at the Harrah’s Event Center. I had never been there before and was thrilled by the small venue. There literally was not a bad seat in the house.

There were bars set-up conveniently all around the room. The bar staff was friendly and our $7.00 Jameson Ginger scrumptious.

The photo security was annoying, shining bright flashlights into the crowd all through the show. They had made it clear that if you were caught filming you would be ejected; hence the lone, badly lit photo I took at the show.

The band was exquisite and provided a full and rich sound. I was a tad disappointed with Dylan’s performance especially when he sang in a Sinatra style croon. Further, whether it was the singer or the room acoustics – lyrics were hard to understand.

The audience featured an array of aging hippies (much like myself) and a surprising splattering of young folks. My group was frustrated that Bob never addressed nor interacted with his adoring fans. It was evident, as Dylan carefully and cautiously returned to the seat of his piano every other song, that age was taking its toll. Nevertheless, it was just as palpable that Bob Dylan still took delight in presenting his work.

While this author is attempting to keep this review objective . . . . . Bottom Line Time . . . . This was a Bob Dylan concert. It was magical and I would have paid three times again as much for this personal concert experience with the legend, poet, rock star, songwriter, folksinger and recent Nobel Prize winner.

Band Members

  • Bob Dylan - piano
  • Tony Garnier - bass
  • George Recile - drums
  • Stu Kimball - rhythm guitar, maracas
  • Charlie Sexton on lead guitar
  • Donnie Herron - violin, electric mandolin, pedal steel, lap steel

We Are Waiting For the Fans to Fill the Room at Harrah's Resort – SoCa / Seats 64 & 65 Section B Row S
We Are Waiting For the Fans to Fill the Room at Harrah's Resort – SoCa
Seats 64 & 65 Section B Row S For Bob Dylan Concert

Play List

  • Things Have Changed
  • It Ain't Me, Babe
  • Highway 61 Revisited
  • Why Try To Change Me Now
  • Summer Days
  • Melancholy Mood
  • Tangled Up In Blue
  • Honest With Me
  • Where Is the One
  • Pay In Blood
  • September of My Years
  • Tryin' To Get To Heaven
  • Early Roman Kings
  • Desolation Row
  • Soon After Midnight
  • Thunder on the Mountain
  • Long and Wasted Years
  • Autumn Leaves
  • Blowin' In the Wind (Encore)
  • Ballad of a Thin Man (Encore)

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Don McDaniel - Just Sayin

By My Buddy Don McDaniel

As I tentatively approach my FIRST 90 years here on planet earth my thoughts turn to what could have been versus what actually was and in retrospect I have absolutely no regrets, it's been one hell of a ride, and with God's blessings, it aint over yet.

I was born at an early age and along with 3 cousins I was "Brung Up" in the mountains of Northern California by an aunt and uncle who were firm believers in the old adage, "Spare The Rod, etc" My teen years were largely misspent, I was a total failure as a bull rider in the local rodeos, with a working knowledge of the dumb end of a shovel and a manure fork and the south end of a north bound cow, then during WW2 a few years as a government pack mule provocateur, a frugal life on the backstretch of various race tracks and horse farms and ultimately a beginning entry into the hallowed halls of horsemanship, fostered by a wonderful old school spade bit horseman

As wandered into legality I entered into a contract with the U S Navy, experienced the futility of the Korean "Pizz Up" then after several years of wasted efforts I gained my freedom and returned to my apprenticeship in the study of the noble equine and his use and functions.

At this point I was privileged to become acquainted with a variety of men and women with names like Mac, Jimmy, Barbara, Clyde, Red,John, and others who introduced the world to the function, beauty and wonders of the "Western Horse" I made every effort to join the ranks of these splendid horsemen and women and was rewarded with a mediocre career of training horses for wonderful customers and a gaggle of juveniles who I still call "My Kids" and who remain dear friends even after all these years.

Barn builder, equestrian center manager and consultant, horse show judge, actor, model, off road racer, cop, author, and several occupations that I hesitate to discuss and many other "Cow Plops" in the pasture of life that have led me to the edge of senility and a rapidly deteriorating carcass.

I've been horse-bit, mule kicked, bull stomped, robbed, lied to, run off with, bucked off, cussed and discussed, blessed and cursed, but ya know what?, I loved every damn minute of it. I've been lover, a fighter and a wild horse rider and I still think I can buck harder, kick higher and fart louder than any OLD horse in the corral.

As for my advice to anyone who is remotely interested I say, " Just Keep Spurring, Because If You Don't They'll Damn Sure Catch Up." Just Sayin

Sunday, May 22, 2016

Family Sunday

It is not often that Oma and Opa get to enjoy the entire family together.  We cherish our family time greatly.  This Sunday was very special.  We started our time together with breakfast at out family favorite, Home Sweet Home. They were so nice to fix up a special table for us to spread out in.

Auntie gets to feed Coast Oak.

Not sure what Reef Indy was explaining,
but Dad and Uncle Mo are very interested. 

Then after relaxing together at the homestead, we all drove south to downtown San Diego to meet Grandma and Grandpa at the Tilted Kilt for lunch.

We loved the food and drink at the Tilted Kilt.
Our waitress was super nice and efficient also.

Smile Auntie Sitara and Uncle Moses

Then we were off to the ball game at Petco Park. The Padres and Dodgers remain tied in the 17th inning after over 5 hours of playing. Unfortunately, the Dodgers then broke away with a four run inning and the Padres did not answer back with any runs. What a fun and interesting game.

Beautiful Petco Park - Downtown San Diego, California.

Reefie has his glove ready to catch that foul ball.

Home-plate umpire, David Rackley finally gets up after
being struck in the groin by a foul ball in the fifth inning!

Opa grabbing some time with Coast.

Sitara and Moses enjoying the action;
Not quite sure what Grandpa is doing.

Reef listens intently as Grandma explains the game of Baseball

The adults received a Reusable Padre Shirt Bag,
but more importantly, the kids got a plastic bat and ball

Thursday, May 5, 2016

Support the #KPCharityride
and Grab an Autograph at the same time.

The ‘Kyle Petty Charity Ride across America’ is one of the most successful and popular charity rides in the country. They are into their twenty-second year. This morning, the #kpcharityride staff maneuvered the approximately two hundred participants, including celebrities and support staff, who witnessed the fact that this was not the ride’s first such endeavor, with the precision of a military invasion. You must remember that everyone needs to be fed, breakfast, lunch and dinner; all the luggage must be transported; the motorcycles need to gassed and trip ready. . . .  and so much more.

The 2,150-mile motorcycle trip to raise money for Victory Junction – a camp for children with chronic or life-threatening illnesses, left the Riviera Palm Springs parking lot at 9:00 a.m. sharp. At each of their scheduled stops, fans will be able to cheer on the riders. They will also have a chance to meet the stars involved including NASCAR Hall of Famer and Champion; Hershel McGriff, 2016 NASCAR Hall of Fame nominee; Harry Gant and Donnie Allison of NASCAR racing fame; Herschel Walker, former NFL great; retired Lt. Col. Allen West; and Rick Allen NBC NASCAR personality.

“What is new for the Victory Junction Camp,” Kyle Petty enthusiastically reported, “is that we are adding more weekends with more kids. When the economy got kind of rough, we had to cut back to about eight to ten weeks. We working on adding a couple of more weeks of summer camp.”

Kyle went on to explain that when they had to shorten the Camp’s season, they were only able to accommodate the sickest kids. It is his wish that the camp be opened up to all the kids who need to come. Petty is hopeful to include six to seven hundred more kids this year!

This #kpcharityride has been a huge success already. There are over twenty-five new riders this year. There is limit of hundred and twenty bikes and the spots went quickly. The charity ride also welcomed Nature’s Bakery as a new sponsor. Nature’s Bakery products include a variety of flavors of stone ground whole wheat fig bars, gluten free fig bars made with a blend of ancient grains, and dairy-free double chocolate brownies made with whole grains and blended with dates.

“Nature’s Bakery, who sponsors Danica Patrick,” Kyle Petty reported, “has given us ten million fig bars and apple fig and strawberry and lemon fig - - - and they are great.”

Please go to to learn more about this wonderful cause. Also if you are near Phoenix, Arizona, be sure to stop by tonight to thank these charitable motorcycle jockeys for all they do, year after year. 

Lastly, if you would like to make a donation - click here 

Lots of riders come back year after year.

This is what it is all about. Two brothers who have benefited from the
Victory Junction Camp. Each camper receives a teddy bear and
homemade afghan to take home with them.

Support staff hard at work to ensure all the
rider’s luggage will be transported safely.

Lot of really cool motorcycles to look at.

Riders paying close attention to Kyle Petty as he leads the morning meeting.

Palm Springs Mayor, Robert Moon,
Pronounces April 30 Kyle Petty Charity Ride Day.

Kenny with his father, Donnie Allison.

NRM & Hershel McGriff.

Kyle Petty doing his thing.

Herschel Walker getting ready to roll.

Rick Allen smiles for a selfie.
To order these awesome event gear, please call the Charity Ride
offices at 704-714-4545 or email

You can keep up with the
#KPCharityRide on Social Media




Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Our Ireland Adventure
Day 14

The Clontarf Castle Hotel - Returning the Renault Fluence

Our last day of our two week Irish Adventure!

Today is our last full day here on the Emerald Isle. We enjoyed our breakfast at the Glenleary B&B and our very nice chat with host Ann, before traveling back to Dublin for our last night. We will be flying out to return to reality tomorrow. 

Our last day of our two week Irish Adventure!

We drove from Northern Ireland back to Dublin taking the contemporary freeway route, about 137 miles on the M1. The trip was very calm and easy. Our hotel for the night, the Clontarf Castle Hotel is a modern hotel that incorporated an 1172 Norman Castle. It was very nice but not our favorite.

Our last day of our two week Irish Adventure!

Our last day of our two week Irish Adventure!

Paul and I ate (and drank) in the hotel bar and join the locals as they cheered a friendly soccer game (with Slovakia). We also groaned in unison as the Irish goalkeeper Rob Elliot injured his knee.

This Irish trip proved to be a perfect adventure. Paul and I enjoyed every moment of our time here. Most importantly, the Irish people were very helpful, friendly and fun. “Céad míle fáilte” is one of the most loved Irish expressions worldwide and it literally means a hundred thousand welcomes. We felt welcome wherever we went.

Our last day of our two week Irish Adventure!

I did not expect the food to be so tasty and healthy. Our meals were reasonably priced, well-prepared, and always plentiful.  I will true miss my morning ration of Irish Bacon. 

Our last day of our two week Irish Adventure!

We drove our rental car, a Renault Fluence, to discover breathtaking beautify universally located on this island. Paul and I felt peace and tranquility as we roamed.  Ireland’s scenery must be seen to be believed. I would recommend Ireland to anyone who wishes a vacation and memories of a lifetime.

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Monday, March 28, 2016

Our Ireland Adventure
Day 13

Old Bushmills Distillery and the Giant Causeway 

Our Ireland Adventure Day 13 - Philip cooked us a lovey breakfast

We had planned to stay at the Lough Eske Castle this morning and be lazy. However, deciding to follow the advice from the locals – we added the Bushmill Distillery Tour and the Giant Causeway to our agenda. First Philip cooked us a lovey breakfast . . . . made per order; then we were off to Northern Ireland.

Our Ireland Adventure Day 13 - Our Trip to the Old Bushmill's Distillery

Our Ireland Adventure Day 13 - Our Trip to the Old Bushmill's Distillery

Our Ireland Adventure Day 13 - Our Trip to the Old Bushmill's Distillery

Our Ireland Adventure Day 13 - Our Trip to the Old Bushmill's Distillery

Our Ireland Adventure Day 13 - Our Trip to the Old Bushmill's Distillery

Our Ireland Adventure Day 13 - Our Trip to the Old Bushmill's Distillery

After about three hours on the road, Bushmills distillery was our first stop. It was a fun tour and Paul found himself an awesome warm jacket; but photos were not allowed and that was a bummer for me. However, while Paul was shopping, I made a friend . . . the free sample man. Boy did he get me going. He even gave me a sample of the Bushmill’s Honey which I liked a lot. Paul came back to a tipsy wife.

Going to the Bushmill’s Distillery was very special because today is Grandpa Smith’s (Paul’s Dad) birthday. He always talked about going to Ireland but did not make it before he passed. Bushmills was his favorite Irish whiskey and we shared more than a glass or two in the past. Today Paul and I both tasted the Bushmills in his honor.

Our Ireland Adventure Day 13 - Lunch at the Causeway Hotel Bar

We had a very nice lunch at the Causeway Hotel bar. The place was hopping, but the service still very friendly and quick.

Our Ireland Adventure Day 13 - The Giant Causeway hike

Our Ireland Adventure Day 13 - The Giant Causeway hike

Our Ireland Adventure Day 13 - The Giant Causeway hike

Our Ireland Adventure Day 13 - The Giant Causeway hike

Our Ireland Adventure Day 13 - The Giant Causeway hike (Paul wearing his new Bushmills Jacket)

Our Ireland Adventure Day 13 - The Giant Causeway Hike

Our Ireland Adventure Day 13 - The Giant Causeway Hike

Our Ireland Adventure Day 13 - The Giant Causeway Hike

Our Ireland Adventure Day 13 - The Giant Causeway Hike

Our Ireland Adventure Day 13 - The Giant Causeway Hike

The Giant Causeway is known as the jewel in the crown of the fabulous coast of Antrim. What a gorgeous place to go for a walk; and walk we did. Paul and I walked both trails and got in a four mile hike. The only drawback was the hordes of people who were on the same path.

The weather, which was rainy on our three-hour drive morphed into the perfect brisk but sunny Irish day. I will let the photos above speak to its beauty. 

Our Ireland Adventure Day 13 - The Glenleary B&B

Our Ireland Adventure Day 13 - The Glenleary B&B

We checked into the Glenleary B&B. The room was very large and our host Ann very accommodating. Tomorrow we will drive back to Dublin and prepare for our trip back home.

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