Thursday, September 12, 2013

"Win" a Free E-Book

Oma found a Sweepstakes where everyone is a winner!  Yup you read that correctly. 

Kite Readers is hosting a Tablet Accessories Giveaway with more than 20 kid-friendly prizes! Plus, every entrant gets a FREE E-BOOK!

Oma entered yesterday and downloaded "Julio Bunny and the Foreign Lion" for her Kindle.  Oma can not wait until she can read this cute story to Reef Indy.  It has awesome colorful illustrations too!

If you want to "win" your own FREE E-Book, just click here to go to the Kite Reader Website.   Enter the contest and you will receive a link to your free "Julio Bunny and the Foreign Lion" download.

Oma downloaded the Kindle version and is thrilled with its quality. 

Kid Friendly Prizes That You Could Win


Remember - Ebooks save trees.
That is one of the many environmental benefits
of digital publishing and reading!

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