Thursday, September 26, 2013

Two Free EBooks from Kite Readers

Not a deal to be missed!

Two of Kite Readers' best children's illustrated stories, are available Free for a limited time. Read them on iPad, Kindle Fire, Android Tablet, Mac or PC.

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  1. You will receive “Julio Bunny and the Foreign Lion” when you sign up for Kite Reader’s Newsletter
  2. Receive your second Free EBook “Sleepy Hollow and the Road You'd Better Not Follow“after you invite 5 Facebook Friends to like Kite Reader.

Julio Bunny and the Foreign Lion

There's a new character in town! Meet Lenny the Lion! Join Julio Bunny and his friends as they graciously welcome Lenny to their town and learn about their new, foreign friend. This heart warming tale demonstrates the power of hospitality and kindness, and shows that even though you may not speak the same language, you can always make a new friend!

Sleepy Hollow and the Road
You'd Better Not Follow

Have you heard about the road you'd better not follow? Let's take a walk through the deep, dark hollow! Legend says a headless horseman wants your head. I don't think he's aware that he's actually dead!  The Legend of Sleepy Hollow comes to life and turns into a chilling nightmare. This fun and frightening adventure is a night like no other for two curious friends who go in search of the legendary Headless Horseman.

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