Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Free Children's E-Book by Spencer Cluff

Newt Newsberry Black Ops Campaign

Free Children's E-Book - Short description

An average kid, with average friends, takes on the extraordinary goal in becoming America's FIRST kid senator but he must first get through the evil and powerful mayor, Mort Axes, a man who has never lost a fight and will win at all costs. But Newt gets some help from some unlikely friends. Meet them all, starting with Hu Flung Pu, "T-Bone", Alistair Crumpet, and Brooke McVitty.

Author Spencer Cluff

Having a middle grade son that blows through the Wimpy Kid, Big Nate books I felt the market needed more books in that style. Those other books come out annually and a few books for an entire year just does not fill that need of even an average reader. My books are longer than the others currently out there (8-10,000 more words) and I also use a secret code throughout that the kids can use to see the messages between the characters not written in the book. I thought it would be fun to bring back the top secret decoder of the old days and makes the book unique.

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 Newt Newsberry Black Ops Campaign


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