Friday, October 18, 2013

All*You - Grocery Circular Roundup

If you like shopping for deals at the grocery store, but have limited time, this free computer app might prove both fun and helpful! (I tried it and enjoyed both its ease and productivity!)

What is Grocery Circular Roundup?

Saving on your groceries just got a whole lot easier! Grocery Circular Roundup lets you browse both coupons and your local grocery circulars online, or search for deals and coupons based on your weekly shopping list. We designed it with one thing in mind: to make saving on groceries quicker and easier.

How do you get started?

Start by entering your zip code and clicking “Update.” The first results to appear will be items on sale at stores near you, as well as coupons. You can sort the results by store, category (bread, meat, pasta, etc.) or both.

You can also search for deals on specific items and brands on your shopping list by clicking the "Search By Item" tab. Type your grocery list or individual items by type (cereal) or brand name (Cheerios) to see what's on sale near you. Hit return after each item. When you click “Find Savings,” you’ll see all the stores in your area with deals on the items you searched, followed by specific deals organized by category.

Click here to go to All*You Grocery Circular Roundup

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