Sunday, October 13, 2013

Reef Indy at the Valley Center
Skate Park Fundraiser

A beautiful SoCal Saturday - Skateboarding at the Park
A beautiful SoCal Saturday - Skateboarding at the Park

Skateboarding is a 2.5-billion dollar industry and has become a vital part of urban communities. A skatepark can attract skateboarding tourists and with national health issues looming for today’s youth, it’s time to offer a greater number of healthy, athletic choices.

Healthy fun for kids of all ages!

In 2006, 42 people riding skateboards died. Of those, 40 of them were not in a skatepark and 27 of those involved a motor vehicle. In other words, of these 42 deaths, 40 of them might have been prevented had the person been skating in a skatepark instead of the streets.

Activism and change come in a variety of venues. To truly create social change, activism must happen locally as well as nationally. It can happen in small, everyday actions as well as creative ways using large-scale or far reaching venues like the media or social networking. 

Opa With Reef Indy
It is never too early to instill a sense of community awareness and activism in a child.

Reef Indy came out to ‘Support our Youth and Help Make Change Happen’ at 28246 Lilac Road Valley Center CA 92082.

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