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Oma and Opa’s Venetian
Las Vegas Adventure

Last month, Opa and Oma were lucky enough to attend a business “meeting” in Las Vegas! We were excited to learn that our group would be staying at the prestigious Venetian Hotel.

Oma and Opa’s View from their Venetian Las Vegas Suite.
Oma and Opa’s View from their Venetian Las Vegas Suite.

“The Venetian sets the standard for luxury in Las Vegas throughout this legendary all-suite Las Vegas resort, with careful attention paid to every detail of our lavish suites. With suites up to 1500 square feet, featuring a sunken living room, marble bathroom, two LCD flat-screen TVs, and so much more. Experience the comforts of this elegant home away from home and you may never want to leave your room; though, there’s plenty at our award-winning Las Vegas resort to entice you out to shop, dine, and play.” From the Venetian website

While the hotel lived up to its claim – their room was very luxurious – we did encounter negative issues during our stay.

1 – When Oma and Opa arrived at the Venetian, we informed the valet that we were going to put our bags in our room and then immediately leave to pick up our son (Uncle Moses) from the airport. We asked them not to park the car. However, when we return our car was gone and we had to wait for them to retrieve it. Oma was disappointed that such a simple request had been acknowledged yet ignored.

2 – At check-in, Oma and Opa presented a credit card for incidentals. We were asked if we wanted the credit line to stay open so that we could charge purchases to our room. We did so and there were no issues during the first day. However, during our second day, my husband attempted to pay for a bag of M&Ms. We were told that our credit was not allowed. I mentioned that we were able to charge entire meals to the room just the day before; the cart attendant responded, “well your credit is not good today.” It was very embarrassing.

Oma telephoned the front desk. First they tried to convince Oma that we did not give them a credit card at check-in. When I informed them that not only did I do so, I had been charging meals and such for over 24 hours; they changed their theme. Subsequently they claimed that my credit card company had denied my credit. That was also not correct. Bottom line is that I had to return to the lobby, stand in a huge check-in line again, and re-present my credit card. Guess what – the credit card when through no problem – it would have been edifying if they would just have let me know why they need me to redo the credit card.

3 – On the second day, Oma and Opa left the room to have breakfast around 8:00 am. We spoke to the housekeeping supervisor, who was checking on rooms in the hallway. We asked that the room be serviced ASAP. She agreed to the request.

Unfortunately, when Oma and Opa returned to the room at 2:00 pm; the room was as we left it. Oma telephoned the front desk. The front desk lady said she was sorry but I should have spoken to them not housekeeping. The front desk lady stated that she would send a housekeeping supervisor to the room to speak with us. We received a telephone call from housekeeping. I asked the caller if she was a supervisor and she responded in the negative. I explained our issue. The lady said that she was sorry but that I need to call the front desk!

This runaround was definitely unsatisfactory. I expected much more from a “high dollar” hotel such as the Venetian.

4 – Oma needed to print out some show tickets; so I found the fact that we had a printer in the room very convenient. However, when the printer was turned on the “out of ink” warning illuminated. Oma telephoned the front desk again. After a half an hour a technician arrived. He looked at the printer and agreed that it was out of ink. Unfortunately, they no longer stocked that type of ink. They would have to install an entire new printer. The nice man did so – however, it would have been much less hassle if I had just run to the business center and printed the tickets there.

5 – Oma would have loved a way to make hot water in the room. A cup of tea before showering in the morning is highly desirable. Since there was not one in the room, Oma requested a coffee maker, but was told the Venetian did not have any.

6 - Also it was very irritating to have a refrigerator in the room but not the ability to use it. It was stocked with food and drink items that were placed on a pressure pad. If you pick the items up and/or move them; you are charged for the product. However the most exasperating nuisance was the tray of snacks placed in front of the flat screen TV. It obscured part of the screen. I telephoned the front desk and ask that they remove the food and beverages in the room since we would not be purchasing any. They informed me that it would cost $50 to do so! Sorry but that is ridiculous!

The Venetian Casino was tight with skimpy “Jackpots.”
The Venetian Casino was tight.
Oma found the slot games in the Venetian were very tight. Not very many "jackpots or bonuses." when we did get a "bonus" it paid very little. One "bonus" paid me .56 on a .90 bet - not much of a bonus. It was really difficult for Oma to get a drink while gambling. Interestingly, I received great beverage service when the casino was packed - not so good service when the casino was quiet.

If anyone from the Venetian is reading this, “Please ask your attendants not to clean slot games that people are playing. As a person allergic to dust - this makes me take my money and run!”

Oma and Opa used our Grazie card the three days we were there. Unfortunately, when we left, at 8 am - the Grazie desk was closed so we could not redeem any points.

Oma And Opa’s Dining Experiences

Café Presse - Shoppes at The Palazzo

This bistro is open nice and early (6 am); perfect for Oma’s cup of tea (since there is no way to make hot water in the room). They also have awesome Apple Fritters. However, stay away from the smoothies -very yucky.

Oma’s Grand Lux Café Smoked Salmon Platter
Grand Lux Café Smoked Salmon Platter

Grand Lux Café - Venetian Casino Level

This has to be the Venetian’s best keep secret. Wonderful atmosphere; yummy food and great service at a good price. My vegetarian husband had his special order breakfast cooked just as he ordered it. Oma’s “Smoked Salmon Platter With Tomato, Onion, Cream Cheese And A Toasted Bagel” was perfect in both presentation and palate.

Oma and Opa enjoyed Grimaldi's Pizzeria.
Oma and Opa enjoyed Grimaldi's Pizzeria



Grimaldi's Pizzeria serves award-winning, hand-tossed, coal-fired brick oven pizzas, house made salads and desserts. With Frank Sinatra crooning in the background, Grimaldi’s was a nice setting for the company gathering. The food was good - the service fast and friendly.


Noodle Asia

The menu features large portions of noodle dishes, vegetarian specialties, rice and congee dishes and soups. This establishment was the perfect place for our party to eat before going to our show. The food was good and the service passable. Oma’s order did not arrive with the rest of the food. In fact, I had to get up and ask for it.

Opa relaxing in the Venetian Las Vegas Suite.
Opa relaxing in the Venetian Las Vegas Suite.

Reading over my review, a summary emerges that Oma and Opa enjoyed the cuisine at the Venetian Las Vegas, but not much else. That is not the case. The Venetian Hotel does offer nice, clean and comfortable suites. The hotel offered many beautiful shops and the Canyon Ranch SpaClub was the perfect place to relax, renew, and re-energize.  Our view was also very enjoyable.

Oma and Opa had a wonderful Las Vegas adventure with friends, family, and co-workers. However, Oma anticipated a higher quality of customer service and was therefore a tad disappointed in the Venetian. 

If you have stayed at the Venetian Hotel in Las Vegas, please left me a comment to let me know how you liked it!

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