Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Diet Soda Diaster

Oma gave up drinking all soda's years ago.  However, just in case she wants a diet soda with dinner; these are important factors to remember.

Disaster Soda!

“Disaster” is a much better name, because this product does a disaster to your body and your meal plan! .
  • Harvard noted that women who drank 2 sodas daily had a decline in kidney function .
  • Diet_Cola1University of Minnesota determined that women who drink one lite soda daily have more belly flab than women who do not drink sodas .
  • University of Texas realized that two or more cans a day increased women’s waistlines by 500% .
  • Royal Adelaide Hospital in Australia determined that diet soda as a mixer in a cocktail actually makes the drinker more drunk while drinking and more hung over after .
  • University of Sheffield in England discovered a preservative in soda that is linked to asthma, hives, and other allergies .
  • University of Michigan linked soda drinking to a decline in teeth health and the appearance of more cavities, too
Honestly, do you need any more reasons to put down the soda and pick up the water?

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