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5:2 Diet And Training
January 2014 - Month 1

Just a quick update on Oma’s progress on the 5:2 Diet which started on 01/01/2014. Just as the majority of society, the notion of losing all that excess poundage quickly and without much effort had sabotaged all previous campaigns to obtain and maintain a healthy-flattering weight.

Reef Indy - the bouncing infant.
This year was different. This year, there was the Reef Indy stimulus and Oma desires to maintain the vigor and vitality to keep up with the bouncing infant.

Therefore this year, Oma was committed to go forth with a different assertiveness. The 5:2 Diet appeared to be the precise routine for a slow and sustainable lifestyle change goaled at that noble objective.

Every month, Oma will report back on her progress and whether or not the commitment would be extended another month.

Niclas Brunnegard 5:2 and Training
Okay so first, the information that everyone wants to discover. Did Oma lose weight in the last thirty-one days?

Oma lost seven (7) pounds in the
month of January 2014!

While that loss is not “Biggest Loser” noteworthy – Oma is ecstatic!

January was strictly observed on the 5:2 diet. While it was not always easy; it really was not all that hard either! It is much easier giving up that homemade tostado if you can tell yourself that you only have to wait until the next day to satisfy that craving.

Also, Oma has never heard of a diet where she can enjoy an occasional glass of Maple Crown Royal and not be cheating!

The 5:2 diet appears to be assisting Oma in portion control on the non-fast days. Oma still enjoys her favorite foods; however she is sated by much less on her plate. Oma is also becoming more aware of the calories connected to the sustenance consumed.

Oma has upgraded her three days on the treadmill to:
  • two days on the treadmill;
  • at least two days of the 5:2 workouts;
  • at least two twenty-minute hikes per week.

This varied exercise program as proved to be much more engaging.

5:2 tip – remember to drink lots of water, every day. Oma strives to consume at least 100 ounces.

Be back next month with (hopefully) another uplifting 5:2 report. Please leave Oma a comment and let her know if you have tried this or another weight loss technique.

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