Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Reef Indy's First Tooth

Reef Indy's first tooth popped through yesterday.
Reef Indy's first tooth popped through yesterday.

Cutting teeth isn't one of those milestones a baby reaches all at once. Transitioning from that gummy grin to a mouthful of gleaming teeth is a rite of passage that can take your little one three years to complete. Whenever the first tooth peeks through, celebrate it by taking pictures and noting its arrival date in your child's baby book.

Poor Reef Indy had to suffer through his family taking a gaggle of snapshots before one finally captured this baby milestone.

While some babies breeze through the teething process, many seem to struggle with it and feel uncomfortable. Among the symptoms you may notice in your teething baby:

  • Drooling (which can lead to a facial rash)
  • Gum swelling and sensitivity
  • Irritability or fussiness
  • Biting behavior
  • Refusing food
  • Sleep problems

Teething may be accompanied by a slight fever or an upset stomach. If your baby has a fever higher than 101 degrees Fahrenheit or 38.3 degrees Celsius, is vomiting, has diarrhea, or has any other symptoms that worry you, don’t just chalk it up to teething. Give his doctor a call.

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