Monday, December 8, 2014

Deluxe Dog Pet Cat Grooming Brush Product Review #cldbrandsdeluxedogcatbrush

Deluxe Dog Pet Cat Grooming Brush

Oma and Opa have two pound puppies; big dogs that would have had a harder time being adopted. Owning a dog is not just a privilege-it's a responsibility. These animals depend on us for, at minimum, food and shelter, and deserve much more.

Brushing your dog is important for many reasons including:

  1. To stimulate the skin and allow natural oils to circulate
  2. To inspect your dog’s pelt
  3. To prevent irritations and infections
  4. To spend quality time with your dog
  5. To keep your dog looking good!

All dogs should be groomed regularly for health and best appearance. The Deluxe Dog Pet Cat Grooming Brush is high-quality and well built. Oma loves the way the wooden hand fit the hand and allows for a firm but gentle grip. You can use the brush while your dog (or cat) is dry or wet! Value Bonus - a eBook ‘Cat and Dog Grooming Tips’ comes with your order! 

Deluxe Dog Pet Cat Grooming Brush

Product Description

DELUXE GROOMING SOLUTION FOR YOUR PET: High quality, deluxe dog brush is made of durable wood and metal. Brush is 7" x 4" at its widest. Handle is contoured in the middle for a better grip. Metal bristles are 7/8". Great product for untangling dog hair. TIPS: Free eBook on grooming tips for your cat and dog. BONUS eBOOK: Grooming Tips For Your Dog and Cat.
    Deluxe Dog Pet Cat Grooming Brush
  • NO NEED TO USE A DESHEDDING TOOL: De-shedding your pet is a thing of the past. Shedding doesn't stop but we help you put the hair on the brush vs. your home, car and/or clothing.
  • HELPS MAINTAIN COOL BODY TEMPERATURE: Remove your pet's excess hair and keep your pet clean and cool year round. There is nothing like keeping your pet's smelling good and feeling fresh.
  • GENTLE ON PETS AND THEIR OWNERS: The ergonomic handle and brush area were designed to be gentle on your pets. Use the brush while pet is dry or wet. Your choice!
  • 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE: When you purchase from CLD BrandsTM,your satisfaction is guaranteed. No HASSLE, No QUESTIONS. It's that simple! If for any reason you are unhappy with any product by CLD Brands®, please do not hesitate to contact us. We take full ownership and responsibility for the quality of our products and will do our very best to solve your problem quickly and efficiently!

Merry Christmas - Deluxe Dog Pet Cat Grooming Brush

If your pet has a Christmas Stocking  the Deluxe Dog Pet Cat Grooming Brush  would be the perfect stuffer!

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