Monday, July 8, 2019

2019 Alaska Vacation Journal (58)

2019 Alaska Vacation Journal (58)

07/08/2019 No Travel Day -Taco Tuesday on Monday

Start Location:
Start Time: N/A
Mileage:  54,324
Cost Per Night: $37.50 USD
Weather: 55 - 71 F Sunny With Hazy Horizon

Cow Parsnip
Cow Parsnip
Paul was very ambitious today. First, he cooked us a wonderful fried egg breakfast. Then he went through and organized all the boxes in the tow truck. After which, he worked on the valance in the living room. It was interfering with the reclining of the upgraded chairs.

It was a very busy morning for the Cook Inlet. There were so many fishing boats going out in the early morning, there was a long line for the boat launch.

We enjoyed a visit from our fishing buddies, Deborah and John. They will be flying back to Washington tomorrow.

Since we will be on our Rainbow Tour to Seldovia tomorrow, we fixed our taco dinner a day early. The eagles were very active today.

Today's Lesson: Cow Parsnip can cause nasty burns that take weeks or months to heal and can leave scars.

Wildlife Spotted: Bald Eagles; Sea Gulls; Magpies

2019 Alaska Vacation Journal

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