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2019 Alaska Vacation Journal (71)

2019 Alaska Vacation Journal (71)

07/21/2019 No Travel Day - Water Too Warm for Salmon

Start Location:
Start Time: N/A
Mileage:  54,374.5
Cost Per Night: $31.50 USD
Weather: 57 - 72  F Overcast

While the fishing is not that good; the weather here in Alaska has been spectacular. The high temperatures smashed all-time records in early July. June was the second warmest on record for Alaska. Biologist have noted that the Kuskokwim River’s high temps likely sent salmon into cardiac arrest!

We checked out a couple of fishing spots. Just too many folks for us. We opted to get ready for our departure in a couple of days. Tomorrow Paul will be Halibut fishing most of the day with Captain Mike. Tuesday we will be driving back to the lower 48 – Texas to be exact. We hope to spend a week with Moses (son).

We washed everything in the motorhome at the Wash & Dry. Paul organized the back of the Tow Vehicle.

We learned from yesterday – at 11:50 a.m., we were first in line waiting for the Kenai River Brewing Company to open. Their food was mediocre – nothing special. I had the Poutine – okay but not up to Canada’s standards.

Of course, I ordered a sampling of beer. I chose the Moonshot IPA, Grateful Red, Skilak Scottish, and Gummi Bear Beer. The Gummi Bear Beer was crafted with over 7,200 Gummi Bears – however, that did not improve the taste – yucky.

Nevertheless, the Grateful Red, an Irish Ale was malty and nice. It was a fun way to spend an hour. The serve was friendly and prompt.

Wildlife Spotted: Birds and Mosquitos

Kenai River Brewing Co is Always Very Busy (Soldotna, Alaska)
Kenai River Brewing Co is Always Very Busy

Poutine and Beer – Description of Comfort Food!!!
Poutine and Beer – Description of Comfort Food!!!

2019 Alaska Vacation Journal

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