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2019 Alaska Vacation Journal (68)

2019 Alaska Vacation Journal (68)

07/18/2019 No Travel Day - Combat Fishing / Swiftwater Park

Start Location:
Start Time: N/A
Mileage:  54,374.5
Cost Per Night: $31.50 USD
Weather: 52 - 76 F Sunny

We got going in the morning with the attention of heading out to go bank fishing for salmon. I checked the computer to see the progress of our amazon delivery for our new Garmin RV 770. It was scheduled for delivery tomorrow. We were shocked to learn that it had arrived at the Soldotna Post Office, but they were sending it back as un-deliverable.

I called the only number listed for the Soldotna Post Office. After answering a bunch of electronic questions, the machine placed me on hold. One hour and fifteen minutes later, representative Cheryl came on the line. She asked a bunch of questions, then instructed me to call the local post office. She placed me on hold for ten minutes while she searched for that phone number.

Meanwhile, the ‘Beast’ was experiencing difficulties with the toilet. Paul and I both worked on it most the morning. I finally got to speak to Matthew from the Soldotna Post Office. He explained that if your name is not registered at the post office as belonging to an address, they will not deliver. However, he did find the package and placed it in ‘General Delivery’ for us to pick. It took another half an hour before we had the toilet cleaned up and flushing correctly.

Needless to say, by this time, our morning fishing had escaped us. We picked up the Garmin with no further issues. In fact, the Post Office staff were very well-organized.

Even though it was now the afternoon, we had to get out on the Kenai to try our hand at bank fishing for salmon. Swiftwater Park snakes through the forest that borders the banks of the Kenai River. It was not too crowded. However, the water conditions continue to be high and turbid with woody debris floating down river.

Paul got real brave quickly and was fishing with the river chest high. I was much more conservative – the water was only thigh high on me. I believe we both did well picking up this fishing style’s technique. However, no one was catching anything – us included. Nevertheless, it was a beautiful tranquil day by the swift Kenai river.

Wildlife Spotted: Beautiful Soaring Bald Eagle; I swear a salmon stuck his head out of the water to sneer at me. 

Fish On - However, It Got Away - Boat Launch at Swiftwater Park
Fish On - However, It Got Away - Boat Launch at Swiftwater Park

Our Spot Fishing by the Boat Launch at Swiftwater Park, Soldotna, Alaska
Our Spot Fishing by the Boat Launch at Swiftwater Park, Soldotna, Alaska

2019 Alaska Vacation Journal

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