Sunday, January 5, 2014

Every Time A Child Is Born,
A Grandparent Is Born Too is an interactive website is devoted to fostering grandparent education, networking, research, and programs. is an interactive website is devoted to fostering grandparent education, networking, research, and programs. The site is structurally comprised of four main sections that deal with diverse and specialized aspects of grandparenting:

  1. Questions
  2. Discussion
  3. Activities
  4. Resources

The Sections:

Ask Dr. Kornhaber

Interactive Q & A section where you can ask Dr. Kornhaber a question.

News and Discussion

Latest news and information from individual, public and academic resources involving grandparenting issues.

Ideas and Activities

Ideas and suggestions for projects and programs that grandparents can do with their families and communities.


Broad section that containing educational articles relating to broad aspects of grandparenting as well as listing and describing collegial organizations in the field. It is also a forum for all family members to contribute their ideas and thoughts for all to ponder. 

This is a great resource for new Omas and Opas and was recognized as the best grandparent website of 2013 by GRAND Magazine.

Thursday, January 2, 2014

5:2 Diet & Workout
Oma’s Future?

Like almost everyone else, January 2 is the day of New Year’s Resolutions for Oma. In the past, the goal of weight-loss yielded non-existent results.

This year, Oma had decided to make 2014 more about improved health and relegated the weight-loss objective. After all, Oma has to be in good shape to keep up with Reef Indy!

Therefore it was auspicious that Oma received the fortuitous opportunity to read and review an eBook entitled “5:2 and Training” by Niclas Brunnegard. The goal of this eBook is to teach you to live longer and live healthier utilizing a modified “fast.” Weight-loss is an added benefit of following the program.

After reading the easy to understand document, Oma is only halfway through her first “fast” day. Consequently reviewing the eBook would proof premature. However, Oma can attest that the first exercise program (entitled 10-1) was tough. The half-hour, 10 pass of 3 exercises, took Oma an hour to accomplish, but Oma did it.

Hilariously, this first exercise program, had Oma missing her hour / 3.5 miles on the treadmill.

The eBook “5:2 and Training” will not be reviewed until after Oma’s Third “fast” day.

At that time, Oma will also be offering one lucky reader the opportunity to win a copy “5:2 and Training” by Niclas Brunnegard.

*** After finding himself having gained weight and no longer able to play his favorite sport, Niclas researched a method to lose weight and become healthy without many lifestyle changes. The 5:2 diet changed his life!

This eBook comes from rigorous studies in the science behind Michael Mosley’s 5:2 diet plan.

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Baby Foot Massage
Wonderful Bonding

Your baby's foot is divided into different zones. By applying gentle pressure to certain areas, you will be able to soothe and comfort and thereby providing relief from discomforts while bonding with your baby!

Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Oma's Family Immigrate To The U.S.A.

The story of Oma’s life begins in Indonesia in 1954. After a detour in the Netherlands, the family immigrated to the United States of America in 1961. It is the best present Oma’s parents bestowed on their progenies. Oma love America and all that it represents.

Three Dutch Children immigrate to the United States.
Daniel Malcolm, president of Mrs. Green’s class shows the three Dutch visitors:
Toni age 9, Z. age 5, & Rein age 7, the class’ events bulletin board (Star News Photo)

This narrative was taken from a newspaper article written in 1961.

Students in Mrs. Kathryn Green’s third grade class at Lilian J. Rice School found their three visitors from Holland more than a little different from the wooden-shoe-wearing Dutch children most Americans imagine. The three children and their parents live with Mrs. Green. The family’s immigration is being sponsored by Mrs. Green’s church, St. Dunstan’s Episcopal Church.

Z. speaks no English Mrs. Green said, but is a happy child, singing all the time. Her older brother Toni speaks English fluently, while Rein does a pretty good job with his “new tongue.”

The family comes from Armsworth. They came from Holland to this country by boat and from New York to San Diego by rail. The two boys were attired in new jeans. Mrs. Green said in their country they had worn short pants to school, but had insisted they have long pants before they would come to school here in the United States!

Lost Civilizations – 10 Societies that
Vanished Without a Trace Review

Disclosure: I got this product as part of an advertorial. 
Michael Rank’s “Lost Civilizations – 10 Societies that Vanished Without a Trace”
Oma just loves reading about history. History is a means to understand both the past and present. It supports the foundation of an informed tomorrow!

When the opportunity presented itself to read and review Michael Rank’s “Lost Civilizations – 10 Societies that Vanished Without a Trace” Oma happily accepted the challenge.

The book title leads the reader to believe this book to be an arid textbook. However, nothing could be further from the truth. The short ninety-five page book is handily organized into ten chapters; one chapter on each of the Lost Civilizations explored.

This book discusses the cultures of the ten greatest lost civilizations in history. Some were millennia ahead their neighbors, such as the Indus Valley Civilization, which had better city planning in 3,000 B.C. than any European capital in the 18th century. Others left behind baffling mysteries, such as the Ancient Pueblo Peoples (formerly known as the Anasazi), whose cliff-dwelling houses were so inaccessible that every member of society would have to be an expert-level rock climber.

Michael Rank’s “Lost Civilizations – 10 Societies that Vanished Without a Trace” is a quick read divided into bite-size analysis of not only the civilization lost but the possible explanations for their disappearance.

My only negative comment would be this book’s lacked illustration. As a personal preference, Oma would have savored some drawings, photographs, and/or maps to augment the fascinating historical tales.

If you appreciate a good mystery surrounded by history – you will love Michael Rank’s “Lost Civilizations – 10 Societies that Vanished Without a Trace” as much as Oma did.

You can purchase this book on Amazon Here

I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.