Wednesday, May 22, 2019

2019 Alaska Vacation Journal (11)

2019 Alaska Vacation Journal (11)

05/22/2019 / Travel Day – Milton, Washington

Start Location:
End Location:
  • Barbara’s Cousin’s Home
  • Milton, WA 98354
    • End Time: 12:30 p.m.
Weather: 52 to 74 F Sunny

  • 84 West
  • 205 North
  • 5 North
  • 99 North
Woke up to the sound of Geese and the first sunny day of our road trip. It was super windy which made driving difficult. Of course, always the optimist, Paul commented that with such a head wind – gas mileage should be “killer.” We met up with good-buddies Clete and Barb. We are staying at Barb’s cousin’s house – Nice quiet neighborhood. Weather is warm and sunny.

We met up with relatives/friends of Barb at the local Poodle Dog Restaurant – lots of food, reasonably priced. My only complaint is that while trying to make reservations, we were assured that they would not be necessary – and that in fact they would set up our table now. However, when we arrived, not only was that table not ready for us . . . . we were told that we should have made reservations. While our wait was minor – it was the principle. Our historian, Delores informed that this restaurant is not as good as it use to be.

Small Welcome to Washington Sign
Small Welcome to Washington Sign
Olympia - the Capital of Washington
Olympia - the Capital of Washington

2019 Alaska Vacation Journal

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