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2019 Alaska Vacation Journal (14)

2019 Alaska Vacation Journal (14)

05/25/2019 / No Travel Day - Westport Winery Garden Resort

Start Location:
  • Delores’ House
  • Milton, WA 98354
    • Start Time: N/A
End Location: N/A 
    • End Time: N/A
Cost per Night: $0.00 per night
Weather:  53 to 72 F Overcast & Cold

Paul and I spend the day with our cousins Joe and Karen. After a homemade, they drove us to the Westport Winery Garden Resort where they are members. Westport Winery Garden Resort and the Sea Glass Grill are located halfway between Aberdeen and Westport (just about an hour and a half from our camp).

We enjoyed a liberal wine tasting and a very informative tour led by Dana. Dana’s family runs the resort and they are working hard to make this winery a tourist “destination.”

Karen generously gifted me with three bottles of Westport Wine. I chose Boom Runner (Sparkling Rose of Pinot Noir); Smoky Nor’Wester (Merlot) and Jetty Cat (a Petite Sirah/Syrah/Cab Sauv Mix).

This winery has acres of gardens to wander through. What a pleasant outing.

Returned just in time to spend a few moments with Delores, Clete and Barbara. We were pretty tuckered.

Paul, Z. Karen and Joseph
Paul, Z. Karen and Joseph
Dana led the Winery Tour
Dana led the Winery Tour
Beautiful Gardens at the Westport Winery.
Beautiful Gardens at the Westport Winery.
End of the Wine Tour/End of the Day
End of the Wine Tour/End of the Day

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