Thursday, May 23, 2019

2019 Alaska Vacation Journal (12)

2019 Alaska Vacation Journal (12)

05/23/2019 / No Travel Day - Milton Washington – Supplies (Costco & Home Depot)

Start Location:
  • Delores’ House
  • Milton, WA 98354
    • Start Time: N/A
End Location: N/A 
    • End Time: N/A
Cost per Night: $0.00 per night
Weather:  54 to 64 F Sunny

Just ran errands today: Mailed a letter then shopping at Home Depot and Cost-Co. We were going to do laundry but ran out of time. We enjoyed very pleasant meals with Delores (Breakfast and Dinner).

Paul got a haircut; his Asian barber scalped him . . . short but really nice. Of course, just as we were ready to relax for the evening, Paul discovered that the hot supply line to the bathroom sink was broken and leaking.

Poor Paul and Clete went back to the Home Depot to by parts and then spent the rest of the evening fixing it. . . . . . . awe the joys of motorhome living.

'The Beast' Home Sweet Home
'The Beast' Home Sweet Home
Paul's Haircut
Paul's Haircut

2019 Alaska Vacation Journal

  1. Travel Day - Milton, Washington (11)
  2. Starvation Creek Trailhead, Hood River County, Oregon(10)
  3. Travel Day - Dalles, Oregon (9)
  4. Crater Lake, Klamath County, Oregon (8)
  5. Travel Day - Klamath Falls, Oregon (7)
  6. Lassen Volcanic National Park & Lake Shasta Caverns (6)
  7. Travel Day - Redding, CA (5)

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