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2019 Alaska Vacation Journal (4)

2019 Alaska Vacation Journal (4)

05/15/2019 / No Travel Day - San Francisco

Start Location:
  • Fremont Elks Lodge #2121
  • 38991 Farwell Drive, Fremont, CA 94536-7221
    • Start Time: N/A
End Location:
  • N/A
    • End Time: N/A
Cost per Night: $20.00 per night

We took a taxi to the Freemont Bart Station ($20). After trial and error including the asking of a bunch of questions from several poor bystanders, Paul and I made our way onto the Daly City Line. We exited the BART (Bay Area Rapid Transit) Train at the Embarcadero Station. The ride cost $7.00 per person one way and took about forty-five (45) minutes.

The BART was not too clean but tolerable. I downloaded the munimobile app and purchased two ‘all day’ trolley passes for twelve dollars apiece. We got off at Fisherman’s Wharf and walked about a bit. Since it started raining hard and was almost noon; we stopped for lunch at Tarantino’s. Paul had his Cheese Raviolis and I enjoyed my Seafood Angel Hair Pasta.

On our walk back to catch the cable car, we picked up some Boudin Sourdough Bread and Ghirardelli Chocolates. We also treated ourselves to some delicious Coffee Ice Cream.

We got on the Cable Car aright, but it would only part of the way back to the BART because they had a problem with the cable. We would have been lost as a shuttle bus picked us up had it not been for local Carole. She guided us onto the correct bus and even walked us a block to make sure we found the BART Entrance.

We visited the bar at the lodge. The first round was on them. A Virgin Sunrise for Paul and Myers Coke for me. I also had a Jim Beam’s Devil’s Cut Rocks. Free Popcorn, peanuts and friendly company. We really enjoyed this lodge.

Paul buying Boudin Sourdough Bread.  #yum
Paul buying Boudin Sourdough Bread. #yum

Ghirardelli - just one word "Chocolate"
Ghirardelli - just one word "Chocolate"

Paul and I made it onto the Bart at the Fremont Station.
Paul and I made it onto the Bart at the Fremont Station.

The two of us on the San Francisco Cable Car.
The two of us on the San Francisco Cable Car.

2019 Alaska Vacation Journal

  1. Fremont Elks Lodge #2121 - (3)
  2. Pacific Dunes RV Resort- (2)
  3. On the Road - (1)

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