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2019 Alaska Vacation Journal (20)

2019 Alaska Vacation Journal (20)

05/31/2019 / Travel Day - Shady Rest RV Park, Houston, BC

Start Location:
End Location: 
  • Shady Rest RV Park
  • 3960 Drive In Road, Houston, BC
  • 800-343.3777
    • End Time:N/A
    • Mileage:  52,104 (270 Miles)
Cost Per Night: $29.10
Weather: 86 F Muggy and Sunny

A mosquito hit me right on the cheek as I slept! I must invest in a Thermal Cell (Mosquito Repeller). Of course, Paul suffered no itchy bites. I guess he is just not sweet like me.

After about an hour on the road, we passed the camper of the older couple we had met at the Canyon Alpine RV Park – John and Abigail. I wondered if they were driving to the same RV Park. I waved as we passed but I believe they did not recognize me.

We witnessed a plethora of trucks hauling huge logs. That was a site to observe. Further, the smell of fresh cut lumber permeated the air pleasantly.

Paul and I decided to stretch our legs – woefully we picked the only rest stop without an ‘easy out.’ We had to unhook the tow vehicle!

We needed gas before retiring at the Shady Rest RV Park. We had to pass the park and drive into town about 3 km (1.86 miles) to the Petro Canada 7-11 station. All in all; an uneventful day.

Wildlife: One buck leisurely crossing the highway in front of us; about a thousand black ravens walking . . . reminiscent of a Steven King movie.

The Duck Family at Robert’s Roost
The Duck Family at Robert’s Roost

John and Abigail from Arizona
John and Abigail from Arizona

Canadian Lumber Towns
Canadian Lumber Towns

  Paul at the Helm
Paul at the Helm

Beautiful Rest Stop but No Easy Out.
Beautiful Rest Stop but No Easy Out.

2019 Alaska Vacation Journal

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