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2019 Alaska Vacation Journal (18)

2019 Alaska Vacation Journal (18)

05/29/2019 / Travel Day – Robert’s Roost, Quesnel, BC

Start Location:
End Location:
  • Robert's Roost RV Park Resort
  • 3121 Gook Road, Quesnel, British Columbia V2J 4K7
  • 888-227-8877 (toll-free)
  • (273 Miles)
    • End Time: 2:47 p.m.
    • Mileage: 51,834
Cost Per Night: $44.10
Weather: 82 F Sunny

  • 1 East
  • 97 North

Sprinkles and mosquitoes as we broke camp this morning. Nevertheless, we were on the road forty-five minutes later (8:30 a.m.) The older couple we met the night before, John and Abigail Daily were on the road already. Funny coincidence, they left for their trip to Alaska on Mother’s Day (May 12th); same as us. Hopefully we will meet up again.

Morning was slowed a tad (20 minutes) by construction. They were pinning catch netting to the tall cliffs off the 1 East. We were the first stopped in the line and spent the time talking to Canadian Flagman, Eric. He told us some funny jokes I had better not write down here!

As we continued our travels East, the landscape morphed from a deep green of heavy pines to the bright lime green of a grassy valley. We had a quick lunch stop at the South Cariboo Rest Stop.

There sure are lot of lakes and rivers in Canada. Our campsite was no exception. We were in spot 41, right beside Dragon Lake. We attempted to walk a bit after we setup camp and finished dinner. Miserably, the dragonflies and mosquitoes were on the rampage. Paul and I retreated into the safety of the Beast. Since the free internet at the Roost was so fast, I took the opportunity to pay next month’s bills. 

Cariboo Rest Area
Cariboo Rest Area
Dragon Lake - Robert's Roost RV Park
Dragon Lake - Robert's Roost RV Park
Our Peaceful Spot - Robert's Roost #41
Our Peaceful Spot - Robert's Roost #41

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